Business Management and Marketing

Business Management and Marketing​ is a renewed and supplemented business management programme.
Management is the organising of activities necessary to achieve the set goals. The science of management develops an individual's ability to organise and manage organisational activities with the aim to achieve the set goals in the most suitable and efficient way. Analytics helps to properly and quickly traverse the problems that arise, including the recent changes, and enables making the necessary strategic and corporate managerial decisions. Thus the students of Business Management and Marketing Programme are taught to act as universal specialists in business management that are conversant in all functional areas of an organisation and understand the way they all work. Studies are conducted in Lithuanian and English, length of study is 3,5 years.

Business Management and Marketing​ programme director

Dominyka Venciūtė



After the studies you will be able to:

  • forecast the influence of current economic and financial decisions in a broader context of organisational or corporate management;
  • analyse the business environment, manage organisational processes and quickly react to the changing market environment;
  • plan and organise long-term and short-term production, service provision and other corporate processes on both the national and international market;
  • select and practically apply in a company or an organisation planning, organisational, managerial, motivational and control theories and models;
  • identify new opportunities emerging on the national and international markets, assess target markets and their potential, adapt new products and services and develop new ones for the said markets, effectively communicate their offers to the market and practically apply the principles of corporate social responsibility.