Industrial Technology Management


Industrial Technology Management is a unique 3,5-year programme conducted at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, USA) and ISM University of Management and Economics (ISM, Lithuania). The programme is designed for talented young people who are seeking managerial careers and who are aware of the importance of technology and fundamental science as well as the power of interdisciplinary knowledge in the modern economy.The programme has been developed in close collaboration with business leaders from manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial sectors and with the awareness that management professionals with a broad approach able to communicate with clients, engineers, and other managers in the language of industry will be particularly successful.

Double degree programme
After spending 1.5 years of studies at a partner university, you will also get partner university diploma from: Illinois Institute of Technology (USA), KEDGE Business School (France)

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Industrial Technology Management programme director

Dr. Jonathan Boyd


This is a unique programme in this region and combines the disciplines of management, technology management, fundamental science, and humanities/social science into a coherent whole.

By selecting one of five specialisations, you will gain deeper insight into supply chain management, telecommunication technology, industrial sustainability, manufacturing technology, and industrial facilities.

Studies are conducted in English in two countries, Lithuania and the USA, which allows one to acquire cross-cultural experience and develop a broad and diverse network of acquaintances.

Since internships are conducted in the US companies, alumni will be able to adapt their best practices in Lithuanian companies or find a job in the USA easier.