For students

ISM graduates from different business fields are ready to devote their time and share their experience with you!


Why to participate in Mentoring Project?

• You will have unique opportunity to learn more about the area you are interested in

• You will receive professional advice on career planning (continuation of studies, finding internship or job)

• If you have business idea, you will get experts advice how to implement it

• You will definitelly expand your professional network

• And learn how to overcome challenges and move forward to reach your goal


You can find all ISM mentors on the mentoring platform idialogue. This platform was developed by ISM alumni - Saulius Alksnis (He may also become your mentor;))


Steps of the project:

1. Sign up on idialogue system

2. Choose a mentor you are interested in

3. Formulate a goal and send an invitation to the mentor through the idialogue platform.

4. Very soon, within 48 on e-mail, you will receive a mentors response.

5. In case of a positive answer, within 48 hours  you will have to contact him personally and arrange the first meeting.


How Long does Mentoring last?

With one mentor - up to three months. Even after the end of the Mentoring project, students and graduates often continue their friendly communication.


What tools and channels is used?

It depends on you and the mentor, it can be live meetings, emails, Skype calls or else.


What do you need for mentoring to succeed?

Knowledge of your goal, responsible preparation for meetings, and related Mentors experience.

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