Dalia Andrulionienė


Dalia Andrulionienė

Director of Service Unit and Board member, ESO

Graduate of the ISM Executive School



When choosing to study at the ISM Executive School I felt a need for specific knowledge and thought that my studies would only last for half a year. Nonetheless, I returned after one year because ISM gets a grip on you and does not let you go. I still keep in touch with my former classmates, continue to cooperate with my teachers and receive valuable advice and support in solving complex corporate issues.

I encourage my team to choose studies at the ISM University of Management and Economics first and foremost because the graduates of ISM speak the same language. They have common knowledge about numerous methodologies and academic models and represent the same culture that promotes open discussions, communication and search for solutions. The second important thing is their relationship with the people whom they meet during their studies at ISM. I am not even sure if ‘learning’ is the right term to use in this situation, because when we hear it we imagine a person who is telling you something. However, here a teacher – be it an academician or a practitioner – is a partner with whom your share knowledge and experience.

In my daily life and studies I look for people who are full of love for life and who love what they do (not their job!) and perceive it as part of their life which they deliberately choose to live. At ISM, just like elsewhere in my life, I am surrounded by strong, fast and responsible people who are full of initiative. They are actually ‘changing the world’ and enjoy doing it. As a result, every single situation allows creating something new together.

If by the end of the day you have not created anything, can you still say it was a day worth living?