Admission to Doctoral programme in Economics


Applicants to doctoral studies are admitted by means of competition. All applicants holding a Master’s degree or any other equivalent higher education degree are eligible to apply.


Research Topics

Potential Supervisors

Structural microeconomics, market participant behavior and regulation research Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė
Research on macro-finance, monetary, fiscal policy, and global factors in the economy Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė

Research on Organisation Efficiency and Competitiveness; International Business and Trade; Effects of Monetary policy; Effects of Fiscal policy.

Prof. dr. Tadas Šarapovas

Automation, training, and job polarization throughout Europe. 

Prof. dr. Maik Huettinger


The competitive score of applicants is generated in respect to the following criteria:

  • Research Proposal Project,
  • GPA of Master studies (grades in the supplement to a Master’s or any other equivalent diploma)
  • Motivational interview
  • Scientific publications

Application form 2020

2020  Admission deadlines:

  • Submission of applications: 2020 07 01 - 2020 08 31
  • Doctoral Committee meeting with attendees (motivational interview): 2020 09 11 - 2020 09 17
  • Meeting of the Doctoral Studies Committee, in the presence of entrants (calculation of the results of the competition): 2020 09 11 - 2020 09 17
  • Information about the results of the contest: 2020 09 18
  • Appeals to the Doctoral Studies Committee: 2020 09 21- 2020 09 23
  • Submission of appeals to the head of the doctorate institution to which the person claimed: 2020 09 24 - 2020 08 28
  • Publication of list of candidates for doctoral studies: 2020 09 29
  • Signing of study contracts with the doctoral program: 2020 09 30




State scholarships for full time studies (4 years)*

The scholarships will be offered to full time doctoral students in Management and Economics. A scholarship covers the tuition fee and provides a student grant ( 722 EUR/month). Candidates to the state doctoral study scholarships are selected by means of competition according to the results of the competitive entry score.

State scholarships for part time studies (6 years)*

The scholarship covers the tuition fee.


Annual Tuition Fee

10646 EUR per year (full-time studies, 4 years)
7097 EUR per year (part-time studies, up to 6 years)






* EU and EEA citizens are eligible to apply.

For additional information please contact:
Manager of Research and Doctoral Studies 
Ugnė Gervickaitė
Mob.: +370 6 125 9672, E-mail:
Contact hours: 9.00-16.00 / lunch break 12.00-13.00