Evenings of Strategists: What would you do?


Every CEO should be a strategist. But how do you become one? How do you improve so as to take the best possible strategic decisions?

This cycle of evening business analysis classes is for managers who want to develop their strategic decision-making competences. During meetings we will dive into situations of other companies (business cases) and identify strategic dilemmas and propose solutions. 

During in-class discussions we will analyse how to solve the identified challenges, which principles and models could help us to take similar decisions in our companies.

After discussions, managers will not only be more knowledgeable in strategic company management, but will also clearly understand the situation of their own companies.



Company owners, top and middle-level managers who want to better understand how a business strategy helps to reach better business results.



  • Higher strategic decision-making competences
  • Skills to identify strategic challenges.
  • Ability to see the company as a totality of interconnected activities.
  • Mastering the principals of strategic management.



  • Introduction – why an effective strategy is at the heart of business success? What are the essential elements of an effective strategy? Analysis of a business case on effective business strategy.
  • Analysis of a business case of a company winning in efficiency. What do you need to become a low cost leader?
  • Analysis of a business case of a company winning in innovation. How do you create a constant flow of innovations?
  • Analysis of a business case of a company winning in flexibility and ability to adjust to client’s needs.
  • How do you strategically create a flexible and client-oriented organisation?
  • Crisis management. Analysis of a business case on successful company reorganisation. How do you change a company’s strategy successfully if the old one is not working?
  • Insights – links among different cases, and a model connecting different strategies.