About studies

Executive MBA programme offered by ISM is the first MBA Degree accredited study programme in Lithuania, which was approved by Study Quality Evaluation Center.
1-year  Executive MBA programme, which is designed for business leaders, is organised in close cooperation with strategic partners from academic and specific fields of business. This programme is based on the management field modern teaching methods, and is a perfect match for the modern needs of business market and society.
The strongest push from the comfort zone - a Consultancy Project in the Republic of South Africa instead of Master's Thesis. The main goal of the external Consultancy Project is to develop managerial and leadership skills of executives, while giving them opportunities to solve the problems of real organizations and to initiate changes in these organisations.
During the Executive MBA programme, you will be able to apply the obtained knowledge, as well as understand how to manage business processes and principles in a systematic and creative way. You will also develop competences of the advanced leadership competences that will help you to lead your organisation and implement changes and innovations successfully.
Programme Director
Dr. Audronė Nakrošienė