Innovation management and economics

The project is performed by ISM together with its partners: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Lithuanian Innovation Centre.

Objective of the project

The competence improvement programme “Innovation Management and Economics” is based on the academic and professional experience of the future participants of the programme and by applying an innovative learning methodology adapted to teaching adults would enable these participants to deepen the interrelated managerial and personal improvement competences as well as the leadership potential.


By learning in non-informal studies, the top- and middle-level managers of the companies that belong to the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists as well as the graduates of the university and of the partners will be able to increase the level of innovation of the country using the knowledge obtained.
Duration: 25-11-2012 – 22-12-2014.
Amount of the project: LTL 1.4 million.
Project manager: Doc. Dr. Virginija Poškutė.