Buddy Programme




What is ESN ISM?

ESN Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student organization in European Union. ISM ESN is a local students‘ representation that is here to help all of international students, who are studying at ISM with no matter what kind of issues they have! They help students to integrate to the local society better, they organize trips, parties and social events for students, they help you find buddies – a local student who will be a friend and your mentor for an international student, too!


Become a BUDDY!

Upon arrival in international students either under an exchange program or as a degree student, one may feel at a loss. However, soon one gets interested not only in the study programs at the host university, but everyday life in the country too, such as for instance living conditions, making friends, finding the cosiest cafeteria or the most beautiful park, etc. International students are eager to learn as much as possible. A buddy is a person who can best help an international student in getting acquainted with the foreign country. Being a buddy means sharing your personal experience and knowledge, helping international students to accommodate in the country, socialise and integrate in the community.  

Buddy program at ISM is a gain for everyone – international student, mentor, ISM community:

  • developing communication skills, self-confidence, sense of belonging to a community, intelligence, and many other personal values;
  • getting acquainted with other cultures and  people with different personality types;
  • learning foreign langauages (you will learn the meaning of  hello, bonjour, ciao, hola, привет, hallo, dobrý deň, sveiki, hei, god dag, merhaba and many other languages)
  • making new friends on whose doors you can knock when travelling around the world;
  • earning additional 0.5 point in the exchange program candidate selection;
  • gaining how to integrate and adapt in a foreign country (through observation of international students);
  • selected mentors participate in special training programs and contribute to the activities of ISM Student Association, International relation committee in particular.

Who can become a Buddy?

Any member of the ISM  student community, irrespective of gender, age, study program, who speaks good English (and other foreign languages).

When is Buddy selection carried out?

Every semester, prior to the arrival of international students (usually in December and May).

Where to start?

Wait for an email form ISM ESN - Erasmus Student Network
All you have to do afterwards is to submit an application and a motivation letter.
If you have further questions,
Please contact: