International Business Centre of ISM

Objective of the project

An International Business Centre of ISM designed to provide high-quality studies and perform scientific research will be established in ISM University of Management and Economics while implementing the project. An advanced infrastructure of Master’s and Doctoral studies as well as of scientific research will be developed, training auditoriums, study areas and scientific research laboratory will be constructed and the technological base necessary for the studies and for the performance of scientific research will be acquired during the project. Cooperation contracts with research institutions and business companies will be concluded in order to perform the activities of ISM University of Management and Economics.

Benefit for the university and community

The direct beneficiaries of the project will be students, lecturers, scientists and representatives of the organizations ordering scientific research services. The advanced infrastructure created using the funds of the project will provide favourable conditions for developing the competences and scientific activities of the representatives of target groups, promoting the cooperation of science and business as well as creating knowledge-based economy. 
Duration: 27-09-2013 – 30-09-2015
Amount of the project: LTL 3.15 million.
Scientific research manager: Saulius Burbulis, Strategic Development Manager