Julija Janulaitytė

Julija Janulaitytė​

Manager of the Julia Janus lifestyle and fashion brand


A graduate of Vilnius Art Academy Julija Janulaitytė experienced tremendous change in her life and business, when she started managing one of the most well-known Lithuanian lifestyle and fashion brands– Julia Janus – herself.



Studies have gripped me

I cannot recall exactly why I chose ISM’s Leader’s Wisdom: Interaction of 4 Qualities training programme more than a year ago, but the result was transformational. Julia Janus has been in business for 8 years, for 7 of them we had a director, while I was one of the shareholders, the owner of the idea. I considered that my role was to be a designer and create products. After the training I realised that in fact I was acting in a very childish way by not taking full responsibility. And if I wanted this business to be successful I would have to take it into my own hands.

This belief turned into a spontaneous idea to continue my studies at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme. I chose the Strategic Management module – an area in which I had absolutely no competences, seeing as I had graduated from the Academy of Arts. The situation turned in my favour. The director left the company and I decided that we would not look for a replacement. I have been officially managing Julia Janus now for over a year. I studied strategic management at ISM, and later I chose the Applied Organisational Psychology module. My goal was to gain theoretical knowledge which I could immediately apply in my company. The Strategic management module helped me to develop a strategic plan and get my organisation in order, while later I wanted to build a strong team. Knowledge of organisational psychology served the purpose very well. I will continue my studies very soon. This time with the module in Marketing. I feel that I need to know more about the scientific approach to marketing and its analytics. The intuitive experiments might take too long and why should I reinvent the wheel? The studies do not limit you to certain boundaries or put you in a box, on the contrary we talk about methods and theories, which enable you to streamline your business processes, choose a direction and accelerate business growth.

I consider ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme to be a very practical tool with which to develop my business. But the studies are also a very pleasant process, meeting fellow students and lecturers is very rewarding. I enjoy the opportunity to meet very different people and appreciate sharing the experience. The atmosphere is exceptional. Everyone comes here with their specific goals and quality expectations are very high. I have met many different people – owners of small businesses, founders and shareholders of big companies, top and middle-level managers. Everyone brings something different to the table. It is very interesting and also you can learn a lot. My initial intention was to study one module, but now I am on the third one. The studies have really gripped me.