Mindaugas Jusius

Mindaugas Jusius

CEO at Klaipėdos Nafta

​„I have felt the weight of a peculiar responsibility“

Since the spring of 2017, Mindaugas Jusius 2017 is CEO at Klaipėdos Nafta AB, an oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal operator. He has come to serve as CEO at this state enterprise of strategic import from the financial sector where he successfully managed Swedbank Life Insurance company. We interviewed this ISM Executive MBA graduate after a year in his new position, asking to share with us his thoughts on new challenges, surprises and the importance of learning.

Challenges are ambitious yet realistic

When I started working for Klaipėdos Nafta AB, I immediately felt the weight of a peculiar responsibility Working for a company which is strategically significant to the state is different. For here one is not only responsible for great business results but also for contributing to the implementation of clear strategic goals of the state. In addition, I must deal with a very large group of stakeholders. In terms of business management, the goal that has been set for us to create a business by building upon the unique competences acquired in the implementation of the LNG terminal are ambitious yet realistic. We want to become the first state-owned company to pay significant dividends from operations in foreign countries. As for the surprises related to my current position, I can tell that despite the fact of having had served for Klaipėdos Nafta AB as a member of its board of directors, before eventually becoming the CEO, I was not expecting that the name of the company is so well known and is linked to high technologies and reliability. It gives a great motivation. Moreover, I am glad that I have been working in this position for more than a year now, but the work is so interesting and engaging that I have never felt being “demotivated”. I wish everyone to discover some activity that is both exciting, challenging and inspiring. From the practical point of view, I was surprised by logistics. In the past, I would have to frequently take flights either to Tallinn or Stockholm. In the meantime, I have no choice but to live in two cities and have 3 permanent workplaces. Not surprisingly, I often fail find my belongings! Being a CEO, first and foremost I try to stay true to myself. This is the easiest way to stay consistent. Moreover, this way one can direct all your attention and energy towards the solutions to real problems, rather than thinking what, to whom and how I should tell something and how I am supposed to come across. The second guiding principle I follow is transparency. I think the type management involving limiting of information is outdated given our immersion in technology. I trust the people. I encourage the team’s diversity, the inclusion of various opinions and approaches in the solution of issues.

Studies essentially change the person

I agree with the view that we must continue to learn to be successful. Personally, my master’s degree in Vilnius University has provided me with good theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of finance. However, I felt that I wanted to strengthen leadership skills. This was the reason why I decided to pursue the ISM Executive MBA degree. I can openly say the results of having studied at the ISM have exceeded my expectations – I have acquired what I had been looking for in terms of leadership and leadership competencies, and my business management knowledge has also broadened. The knowledge acquired during the studies at the ISM is something I have successfully applied in my work many times. I believe that the knowledge acquired here has been particularly valuable in transforming the organization. It’s important. The most important thing, however, is probably that the studies essentially change you, both in terms of knowledge and behaviour. I would recommend studying for the ISM Executive MBA graduate degree after having spent at least a year in a leading position. Then a lot of the knowledge acquired can be applied in practice. This way a higher value is created – one not only acquires theoretical leadership knowledge, but can also test their application the real world, while sharing the experiences with your peers during the studies. If you are considering pursuing this study programme, or maybe you are already studying here, I would recommend setting clear personal learning goals and understanding how these studies will help you become better professionals and managers. After all, the Executive MBA is not just practical benefits, but also a great fun meeting interesting people and engaging lecturers!