LR Prezidentas Valdas Adamkus
Short description / mini CV: 
In 2009, the honourable doctor’s name was granted to the President Valdas Adamkus for a significant contribution in leading the Lithuanian higher education reform.
In 1998, Valdas Adamkus was elected the President of the Republic of Lithuania. His first term in office began on 26 February 1998. He proposed an idea of rapid modernisation of the country and consistently supported its implementation. He promised the Lithuanian citizens to strive towards three main goals: free men, open society and a strong nation. In June 2004 he was elected the President of the Republic of Lithuania for the second term (term in office began on 12 July 2004 and ended on 12 July 2009). He raised new goals – to create the European wellbeing in every Lithuanian home and guarantee that there are no forgotten people in Lithuania.
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