Module contents

  • Leadership classic.
  • Master of power: authoritarianism and nature mythologisation.
  • Theories and principles of power manipulation.
  • Ethical problems of government: Machiavellianism and moralisation.
  • Social capital and corporate responsibility.
  • Leader’s emergence and survival.
  • Concept of existential personality: personal authenticity and uniqueness.
  • My life and business philosophy, its unique meaning (existential practice).
  • Leadership values and fundamental change in consciousness.
  • Vision of leadership and direction of the leader.
  • Resonance leadership.
  • Leader’s charisma.
  • Leader’s rhetoric.
  • Leadership myths.
  • Leadership in periods of extreme change.

Module idea

To lead, you have to follow (Lao Dze)

The main objective of the program is to build the life and business philosophy of participants as leaders, to reveal their charisma and key powers by enhancing the power and identity of personality, influence and emotional intelligence. Based on existential and phenomenological philosophy, the students learn how conscious choices and leadership sense perception can become valuable powers of the leader.

To lead means to believe. The values the leader believes in, their mission and perception of reality builds the vision and the power of influence. The leader’s vision must render meaning and identity of those who will follow him.

Leadership means knowing yourself. The objective of this module is to demonstrate this for each participant and enable them to build a conscious approach to their role.

Leadership means to influence followers and to awaken their positive feelings, create a resonance which releases their most perfect abilities.

Leadership means becoming a charismatic personality as they seek to change the status quo and it is able to see the new environmental opportunities, motivating their followers to pursue the best result.

Effectively combining theoretical lectures, analysis of practical cases, visual material exercises and team tasks, sustainable vision and resonant leadership knowledge are consistently presented as well as essential twenty-first century leadership skills; and the personality of the creator of the future is demonstrated.

Why these studies?

  • You will build a conscious approach to leadership.
  • You will extend the perception of the unique meaning of your life and business philosophy.
  • You will answer your own question: Do I want others to follow me, or do I want to follow others?
  • You will gain understanding of what and how leaders influence others.
  • You will learn to reveal the vigour and true power of your personality.

Module Manager
Dr. Alisa Miniotaite.