Strategic Marketing and Value Innovation

Module contents

The module analyses both traditional business models (product-to-cash) and the new models and value creation principles emerging in the networked world. To deliver a clear and transparent understanding of the marketing process, the core themes of the module correspond to the neoclassical marketing planning stages. Initially, students are given strong fundamentals of market analysis; they learn to use market information creatively. Later they study the substance matter of the marketing strategy – market segmentation, the optimal selection of target markets, formulation of a value proposal for target markets. After creating the marketing strategy, students address their implementation issues: development of a product or service meeting the future market requirements, its pricing, communication, marketing channel design. As marketing is one of the most changing areas of the management functional, the module content is regularly supplemented with themes and case analysis which we cannot predict today.

Module idea

One of the most important skills of the business executive is the ability to understand, develop and communicate value to consumers, customers, employees and other internal and external trading partners. It is easy to notice that these expertise areas are very strong in successful companies and the marketing function acts the body's central nervous system, ensuring the viability of the entire organisation and sustainable and long-lasting business results.
The objective of the ISM marketing strategy and management module is to present the systematic methodological framework for the executive of any level and any business function. To this end, the module applies the holistic (total) approach to marketing. It expands both the marketing and the product concepts: the product here is not only a physical product or a service, but also an organisation, a person, a potential employee, a location, an event, an idea, etc. At least half of the module study time is dedicated for the Lithuanian and foreign real business case study seminars and discussions, learning to analyse and manage uncertainties like in real life. In addition, each module participant has a unique opportunity of becoming an author of solving his business problem of concern!

Why these studies?

  • After completing the study module you will be able to see the latest consumer and market trends and timely predict the changed customer demands.
  • You will learn to perform a comprehensive, structured analysis of any market or professionally evaluate and comment the analysis carried out.
  • You will gain practical skills in selecting and applying the latest marketing solution and analytical planning tools.
  • You will train your ability to properly prioritise strategic and tactical marketing issues and examine the issues of marketing financial reporting.
  • The method of case analysis will help to generate the bank of analogies of marketing solutions which will be your basis in finding innovative ideas not only in the marketing work.
Module Manager
Kristina Maikštėnienė
Module Consultant
Runar Framnes, BI Norwegian Business School