Strategic Management

Module contents
Fundamentals of strategy
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Strategy content.
  • Strategy context.
Strategy building
  • Business ethics and social responsibility in strategic management.
  • Determination of corporate goals.
  • External business environments and internal analysis of the company.
  • Generation of innovative strategies.
  • Choosing between strategic alternatives.
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategic change initiation and management.
  • Strategy implementation and management tools.
  • International development of organisation.
  • Strategic implementation practices.
Module idea
The strategic management module addresses the main practical aspects of strategic management: from the choice of strategic thinking and strategies to strategy implementation. The module helps to build a broad understanding of the organisation as a system of interrelated activities. Strategic decisions are made and implemented within that system in order to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the business environment, to develop core corporate competences and accumulate competitive advantages in the market.
This module aims to promote a deep understanding of the strategic challenges and their creative solutions. The module uses practice-based approaches. Each lecture analyses certain corporate situations where decisions made illustrate the relevant module topic. Study participants will discuss their own situations and situations of other companies in groups or individually, looking for solutions and sharing their experience.
Why these studies?
  • You will acquire strategic management knowledge and skills.
  • You will learn to discover, analyse and utilise the company’s strengths and opportunities.
  • You will learn to identify, strengthen and utilise your company’s competitive advantages.
  • You will analyse models and practices of the world’s leading businesses.
  • You will learn to develop and implement business strategies.
Module Manager
Benas Adomavičius


More information about module can be found here.