Applied Organizational Psychology

Module contents
  • Individual psychology of personality: self-cognition techniques and their application.
  • Personality maturity criteria in modern life.
  • Personality integration in the group.
  • Team dynamics and reflection, constructive solutions to problems.
  • Creativity and synergy of the team.
  • Career: balancing of individual and organisational interests.
  • Change management psychology: losses and discoveries.
  • Management style. Leadership as influence-making
  • Organisation as a complex dynamic system.
  • Organisation as a personality – the corporate culture.
  • Leadership in the modern organisation. Practitioners’ forum.


  • Organizational creativity
Module idea
The module aims to reveal the causality of human behaviour in the organisation and intrinsic motivation, understanding what the organisation expects from the employee and why and what the employee should expect from the organisation.
One of the main objectives of the program is to provide knowledge about the psychology of the organisation and develop effective leadership, communication and influencing skills by applying the methods of modern psychology.
Why these studies?
  • You will learn to use the various personality commission tools: to know yourself and others and to recognise basic interpersonal communication errors while educating your tolerance.
  • You will learn how to reveal the group and team patterns affecting corporate processes, how to measure and reveal the human traits necessary for managing group dynamics.
  • You will gain the skills needed to organise career development and changing phases and steps and to mobilise corporate support measures for the individual’s career.
  • You will know how to implement changes in your organisation, understanding what is lost and what is being discovered while making changes.
  • You will learn how to use your influence and power for successful implementation of the goals, how to identify and develop employee motivation competence.
Module Manager
Margarita Pilkienė