Entrepreneurship (MNG110)

Course Description

Entrepreneurship by Design provides a framework whereby students working in small and agile teams will (1) learn a repeatable process to successfully start a company; (2) acquire and apply skills in ideation, creativity, problem identification, and design methods, to learn to create, deliver and capture value in a startup venture context; (3) learn to successfully motivate resources such as team members, funders, advisors, and mentors; and (4) make measurable progress in taking an idea toward a real business. The course will provide students with a set of resources that will help them launch a new business venture. Where appropriate, the course will include discussions of ethics in entrepreneurship. The skills learned can be applied in a startup or in working for a company.

Aims of the course

The course aims to emulate the process of building a startup using modern startup tools and design methods. The course aims to provide students with the opportunity to identify a real, meaningful problem. The course aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop a plausible solution. The course aims to give students the opportunity to engage real prospective users and customers with their own proposed solution.  Finally, the course aims to teach the students to present their new venture idea in the form of a compelling startup funding presentation.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the theory and practice of entrepreneurship.
  • To understand and develop an entrepreneurial mind set.
  • To apply a repeatable process to create a valid business idea.
  • To present a business model and startup venture opportunity in a compelling way.