English for Economics and Politics I (HUM128)


This module integrates general language learning and writing skills with a thematic, content-based approach to economics and politics studies. The students will be presented with listening materials, readings, and activities from sub-disciplines of economics and politics. Students are expected to complete the accompanying grammar assignments to meet concise, clearly defined objectives. The course consists of the topics that cover a variety of political and economic-related topics.


The course aims to develop:

  • vocabulary building skills;
  • listening, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills needed for academic and professional success;
  • ability to perform discipline-appropriate exercises and activities;
  • interpersonal, academic, and language skills necessary to succeed in a university environment;
  • understanding of basic information on economics and politics to prepare students for further studies;
  • practical skills in learning strategies that will enable to become an independent, confident, and successful learner of economics and politics studies;
  • the skills to deal with large quantities of academic reading and writing.

Learning outcomes

  • Fully understand authentic texts in formal correspondence, newspapers and magazines, read critically discipline related and general texts.
  • Speak in public at different kinds of functions using appropriate conventional forms of address, lexicon, register and idiom, and know the social appropriateness of such.
  • Built appropriate professional and specialized vocabulary.
  • Comprehend native-speaker dialogue.
  • Use writing to develop critical thinking skills – review, analyses, hypothesis, recollection, summary, evaluation.
  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.
  • Conduct independent investigative and analytical project work in the target language.
  • Be able to work in a multicultural group, execute tasks in a timely manner.
  • Develop their confidence and competence through the use of a range of media and computer technologies.
  • Use language skills at a level of C2 (all skills areas) as described in the Council of Europe Common European Framework (CEF).