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AGE: 25
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Sofia, Bulgaria 
WORKPLACE: Nova Broadcasting Group, Bulgaria 
POSITION: Head of New Media
HOBBIES: music, reading books, lawn tennis
LANGUAGES: English, Russian and Spanish, Norwegian and Bulgarian basics
Arturas Salda first started to manage a small company when he was 20. He now works for a Swedish media group in Bulgaria, but in the future he plans to return to Lithuania and use the knowledge and experience he received abroad here. The continuous search for work experience and openness to challenges leaves little free time, but it opens new opportunities for the future. 
Work experience since childhood  
I began working in my family business, a medical SPA in Druskininkai, when I was 14. When I was 20, I received an offer to establish and run a small company. It was an incredibly interesting experience that ranged from starting a company to making strategy, building a team, and creating new products, and from managing a group of ten people to divesting some business areas and closing others down. And all this happened in just two years. At that time, I realised that I wanted to gain professional experience in a large international company and that it was the right time to do it because after staying in yet another small business larger companies would not want to hire me. 
When studying according to a double degree programme at Norwegian Business School in Norway, I found out about management trainee programmes and found one that particularly caught my interest — a proposal to work for the Modern Times Group, a Swedish media group. I beat the competition for the position, worked in the office in London, was later sent to Bulgaria, and then became directly responsible to the group’s Executive Vice-President for Central and Eastern Europe. It was exactly what I wanted: I came to see up close how top level executives of a big company prepare strategies, adopt decisions, carry out negotiations, etc. After the one-year programme ended, I was invited to stay in Bulgaria and run the department of New Media, in the second-largest television network in the country. I agreed without hesitation because it is a field I like, it is an interesting market, and it is a great challenge to gain very useful experience. 
I have little free time and I spend almost all of it with my family. At present my free time is confined to tennis, which I play twice a week in the morning before work, but I do enjoy active hobbies and look for opportunities to play golf, go to the mountains, skiing or some other active leisure activities. 
A double diploma opens doors to success
ISM International Marketing and Management master’s degree studies have had a huge impact on my life and career. University played a key role in my opportunity to begin working in one of the largest media groups in Europe and to go to Bulgaria. ISM provided me the possibility to acquire a double diploma, and it opened many other possibilities for choosing a career. The competitions for jobs in large companies attract a huge number of applicants, and very often the people who go through the CVs do not devote much attention to each of them individually. Instead they are looking for something that would catch their eye. My double diploma was one of those eye-catchers.  
But the benefit of ISM studies goes far beyond that. After bachelor’s studies at another university, which were a disappointment to me, the ISM studies proved that studying could be interesting and useful. Professors with practical experience, lectures based not just on theory, constructive discussions with amazingly interesting course mates who had acquired useful professional experience, an opportunity to improve my English — all this made my master’s studies very interesting. I must say I went to Norway for the second year with a slightly reluctant heart. 
My studies in Norway gave me useful international experience and allowed me to experience cultural differences. My main insight was that Lithuanians are not any worse than students from other countries and that one should not limit one’s personal and professional aspirations to a single country. The studies were also interesting there, but I say to my fellow students truthfully and with pride that my first year at ISM was even better. I realised that today top Lithuanian universities can provide a European-level education. 
Associates his future with Lithuania
I associate my future only with Lithuania and I see my foreign career stage as an investment to gain knowledge and experience that can be useful in Lithuania. In the future I think I would like to widen my horizons and join an Executive MBA programme. 
I would like to recommend each and every one to look into the talent programmes provided by the largest global companies. Although they are not yet very popular in Lithuania and there is little information available, almost all prominent companies do have them. I would define such programmes as yet another academic degree, this one only being very practice-oriented. These programmes open new opportunities and can become a solid foundation for a brilliant career.  


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