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AGE: 27 
LIVES: Jonava 
OCCUPATION: Jonava Mayor
EDUCATION: Vilnius University, Bachelor of Management and Business Administration (2007), Mykolas Romeris University, Bachelor of Law (2008), ISM University of Management and Economics, International Management Master Programme (2009)
Student in doctoral studies at ISM of Management and Economics University
SPECIAL INTEREST: Lawn tennis, underwater diving, skiing, reading, theater, politics
LANGUAGES: Lithuanian, English and Russian
Mindaugas Sinkevičius, 27-year-old mayor of Jonava is a proof that age is not important even in politics. After becoming the youngest mayor in the history of Lithuania, he was not overwhelmed by pride and hopes to remain in people's memory not as the youngest but as the most effective mayor. What were the developments in the future mayor’s career and what role did his personal characteristics and level of education play? 
I create changes
I was born and raised in Jonava. After graduation I began my studies in Vilnius. I am a graduate of three different universities (Vilnius University, Mykolas Romeris University and the ISM University of Management and Economics). There was a time in my life when I had to pass 10 to 12 examinations during one session (I studied in two universities in parallel). The rest of my free time was dedicated to the activities of non-governmental organizations. In 2008, due to the successful performance and initiative, I became a vice-president of the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT).
In 2007, I was elected to the municipal council of Jonava district, and in 2011 was re-elected for the second time. I am proud of collecting the maximum priority (ranking) votes from among all politicians of Jonava district. After the election, in the age of 26, I became a mayor of Jonava, perhaps the youngest mayor in the history of Lithuania. While most people are surprised by my age and current political developments, I am not boasting with it. I want to remain in the memory of people not as the youngest but as the most effective mayor of the town who has brought greatest changes in its wellbeing. 
I never regretted choosing ISM
Concerning the graduate studies, I had the opportunity to choose free of charge business courses at Vilnius University or charged studies at the ISM. I never regretted about choosing the ISM. I think I can safely say that the ISM is an innovative university, responding to market needs and offering educational programs that reflect these changes. It is very important that there is no attempt to suggest that all answers to the science or business problems already exist. The ISM teaches you to analyse and reflect, rather than look for answers in the past. It is unfortunate that because of my employment as a deputy mayor I had to abandon the option of going to Norway and acquiring one more diploma. Therefore, the opportunity offered by the ISM is unique and distinguishes this high school from others.
I keep in touch with many of my study friends today. We all have different goals and work in different areas. Many of my peers are business employees, or managers. For me, as a mayor, it is pleasant and helpful to have necessary contacts in various fields. 
Focus not on the ongoing process, but on the results
The mayor's job is very interesting and dynamic. You never know what joys or concerns a new day will bring. The mayor faces a range of issues: from the installation of children's playgrounds to the management of projects valued at tens of millions litas. Since the ruling majority consists of 5 different parties, it requires considerable diplomatic skills in order to find solutions acceptable to everyone. It is not easy, but very interesting. It is true that wage is not motivating at all, and there are no career opportunities are available. The mayor's salary established by the law is constant, so if you work improperly – you risk losing your job, yet if you work well, you will not be incentivised.
Despite of the challenges, the job of project development manager is of great interest to me because of the opportunity to work in a real job which leads to tangible results. I perceive it as getting involved in a specific project, managing it and being responsible for it. I am a person focused not on a continuous process, but on the results.
So far, I have no big plans for changes. I would like to work abroad for a while, somewhere in Western Europe, and maybe study a little more. However, I have to postpone these plans for the future, because I am committed to my town. And I am very serious about every commitment. 


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