Business Information Systems (FUN111)


This course is designed for students, who seek to gain more knowledge about modern information technologies and systems, their management issues. Although IT is developing on very fast pace, implementation and management problems are solved much slower. New technologies bring field specific challenges as well. Students have possibility to research and present an interesting topic (related to the course context).

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to examine modern IT problems which managers and specialists face at their workplace. Lots of attention is paid to the IT place in enterprise context, as well as IT added value to business and to the unity of an organization and information technologies (systems) it uses.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand unity of organization’s goals and IS the organization uses.
  • To understand IT place in organization’s activities.
  • To examine problems of modern IT which are faced by business managers and specialists.
  • To be able to orient in modern IT variety and be able to evaluate new IT influence on business.
  • Be able to prepare, present and discuss on course topics.