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Having completed his Bachelor’s studies, Andrius Anelauskas had several universities from which to choose for his further studies. ISM seemed appealing in the sense that modern Master’s studies were available in English and lectures were delivered by lecturers from different universities of the world. The learning process there created much more value-added than expected. For instance, while discussing or working in groups to tackle various business problems during lectures, each student would contribute advice, insights or experiences from his or her own area of expertise to the discussion. This taught them to look at business and management from different perspectives, engage in constructive discussions and take account of different opinions, which is very relevant and useful in the real business world.
Asked whether his studies at ISM have influenced his world view, Andrius says: “Looking back, I could say that the studies at ISM gave me more self-confidence and new ideas; enriched my emotional intelligence and, most importantly, helped me to look at today’s business environment more globally, thus encouraging me to seek new challenges.”
We can confidently compete with students from best European universities
In 2009, Andrius participated in a Financial Analysis tournament at Helsinki School of Economics and won it. It was a prestigious event featuring competitors from European business universities. ISM was represented by Andrius and three more Bachelor’s degree students. The Lithuanian team out-did 10 teams from all over Europe. 
Nevertheless, this achievement is not just the joy of victory. Participation in serious tournaments is highly beneficial to each participant. This is an excellent self-test, new knowledge, interesting acquaintances, experience of work in team and in stressful situations. “The victory in the HSE tournament has also strengthened my self-confidence and has shown that we can confidently compete with students from the best European universities,” Andrius recalls.


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