International Marketing (MNG124)

Course Description

This course will present an overview of the unique aspects of marketing in the international/global business context and provide the framework upon which international marketing decisions can be based. Marketing managers are often responsible for the development of marketing strategies for variety of markets which have diverse cultural, institutional and economic characteristics. Primarily, the focus in this course will be on the foreign market analysis, target market identification and selection and the development of value proposition/marketing mix for the foreign market.

Course aim

The main aim of this course is to facilitate students' understanding of the nature, structure, and specifics of conducting marketing activities in the international context. Furthermore, through various teaching methodologies, i.e., case studies, group project assignment, video presentations, best practices examples, the course will enhance students' abilities to adapt and utilize marketing strategies to better meet the needs of foreign customers. In this regard, students will be able to cultivate a global mindset.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an overview on the contemporary international marketing and the unique challenges faced by international marketing managers.
  • Develop insights into how differences in global economic, cultural, political, and legal environments shape marketing decisions.
  • Determine the international market potential based on the comprehensive analysis of external forces.
  • To execute the segmentation, targeting and positioning in the context of international markets and consumers.
  • Cultivate global mindset and strategic thinking in the context of complex problems and challenges faced by international marketers.
  • Valorize the impact of global business environment on decision to standardize or adapt market offering for the foreign market (product, distribution, price, and promotion).