Advanced Corporate Finance (GRAV012)

Course Aims and Objectives

This course introduces advanced applications in financial management that are geared to maximize firm value. Topics include valuation, investment techniques, estimation of cash flow, and various aspects of risk management. This course will go into details into some of the major corporate finance issues: financing and optimal capital structure, investments, considerations on becoming a publicly-traded company, company valuation methods most commonly used. Overall, the main outcomes for the students should include the following: Improve your English language skills particularly as they relate to corporate finance. Strengthen your awareness of some of the major corporate finance issues. Improve your skills for short, finance-related group presentations.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop familiarity with financial statements in English.
  • Improve financial analysis skills on financial statements.
  • Become comfortable in valuing companies using market multiples of comparable traded companies.
  • Be comfortable with the concept and calculation of cost of capital.
  • Become comfortable in valuing companies using discounted cash flows.
  • Be aware of major corporate finance dilemmas and have some tools to help on decisions.
  • Be able to assess and compare the attractiveness of corporate investment opportunities.