Innovation Management (MNG162)

Course description

The course introduces the phenomena of innovation management and its importance for the competitiveness of the firm. The course provides with insight into how individuals, teams, company culture, environment and leadership interplay in innovation processes. The course is based on numerous practical real-life cases, examples and managerial tools. It develops innovation processes assessment and management skills as well as skills of applying proper routines, strategies and policies. The course is an overview of creative human capacities and creative processes towards innovation.

Course aim

The general aim of this course is to focus on how firms should manage innovation-related activities at the strategic, organizational and managerial levels in order to remain competitive in a fast changing economic and technological scenario. The specific aims of the course include the following:

  • building students’ creative confidence and intelligence;
  • preparing students to engage in innovation processes with professional awareness and skills;
  • familiarising them with the main current issues of innovation management in business practices;
  • providing insight about new trends in innovation management.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to recognize and to describe the different sides of innovation.
  • To be able to recognize what are the main parts of an innovation strategy.
  • To be able to describe what are the main organizational antecedents of innovation.
  • To be able to recognize what are the main sources of innovation.
  • To be able to see the big picture from corporate perspective.
  • To be able to relate to internal organisational and individual development.