Bachelor Thesis (MNG120)

Final Bachelor Thesis (FBT) is independently prepared thesis which summarises the knowledge, abilities, and skills acquired in the course of studies and serve as substantiation of the management and business administration qualification awarded. In terms of content and analysis methods, FBT unite, both directly and indirectly, the subject matters of different academic subjects into a totality.

Student should pursue internship and write FBT on the same company. Exceptions are allowed in the following cases:

  1. a student pursues internship in consulting company (advertising agency, audit company, market research company, etc.), and analyses the activity of company’s clients or solves a problem on request of clients. The situation should be clearly described in FBT, reasons why internship place and company under analysis do not match should be explained;
  2. a student has completed internship some time ago (not on the same semester when Bachelor thesis is written), and cannot collect data on the company of internship if the company has bankrupted, changed activity, relationships of student and company have ended. In this case other company could be used for analysis in Bachelor thesis, however, certificate that the company is aware and agrees that Bachelor thesis is written on its data should be provided.

Acute problem of a company should be analysed in FBT.

FBT is prepared during the eighth semester of studies and grant 15 ECTS credits. Thesis may be prepared in Lithuanian or English.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to define the research problem and the main goals of a Thesis in a concise way.  Be able to integrate the theoretical knowledge obtained in the bachelor studies.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge to identify a business relevant problem. To be able to perform a review of academic literature, relevant to the problem-area and the main goals of a thesis.
  • To be able to prepare and conduct (on an individual basis) an empirical research in order to suggest managerial solutions. Be able to present a testable hypothesis, consistent with assumptions derived from literature review.
  • Be able to collect quantitative and/ or qualitative data and perform appropriate empirical analysis to solve the research problem.
  • Be able to formulate, select, analyse and generalize the information relevant for managerial solutions.  Be able to demonstrate proficiency in academic writing, proper literature citation and compilation of a reference list.
  • Demonstrate ability to present findings of the thesis to an academic community of peers and defend the thesis in front of a faculty panel.