Innovation and Technology Management Seminar (GRAI016)

Course description

The course Innovation and Technology Management Seminar is a unique combination of on campus classes and an international study tour to Japan. The class is offered Fall 2016 semester and is eligible for the undergraduate and graduate ISM students. This course approaches the innovation and technology management from a resource/knowledge based view, which sees innovations as a driving force of competitive advantage of organizations through a combination of internal resources and external linkages. First part (Pre-trip sessions). 16 hours of lectures on ISM campus will focus on organizational innovation and technology management issues. First exam based on the studied material and will count 30% of the final grade. Second part (Japan study tour). A ten day study tour to Japan will include visits to Toyota, Alpen, and Brother Companies. The participants will meet with executives for round-table discussions and company site visits. Additionally, the group will also visit several places of cultural interest, Kyoto and Tokyo. This part of the course covers 16 hours of the course seminars. Third part (Final). This will include the paper that students will submit two weeks after returning to Lithuania.  The topic will be determined prior to departing for Japan. The paper counts for 70% of the final grade.

Program cost: 2500 EUR. This covers the total course expenses,  round-trip airfare (Vilnius_Nagoya_Tokyo_Vilnius), hotels in Nagoya (Nagoya Kanko Hotel) and Tokyo (Shinagawa Prince Hotel), Shinkansen tickets to Kyoto and Tokyo, company visits (chartered buses and assistance fee), seminars in NUCB .