Innovation and Technology Management Seminar in Japan (GRAI016)

Course description

The course develops a phenomenon of innovation and technology management and its importance for the competitiveness of a company. It provides with insight into how individuals, teams, company culture, environment and leadership interplay in innovation processes. The course is based on practical real-life cases, managerial tools, and incorporates the international study tour to Japan visiting companies (Toyota, Brother, Daido Metal, Sato Press, Mitsubishi Aircraft), meeting the managers and having seminars at NUCB. It develops innovation processes assessment and management skills as well as skills of applying proper routines, strategies, and policies.

Course aim

The general aim of this course is to focus on how firms should manage innovation-related activities at the strategic, organizational and managerial levels in order to remain competitive in a fast changing economic and technological scenario.

Learning outcomes

  • Have a critical awareness of technology and innovation management applicability.
  • Obtain analytical awareness of variety of innovation types; distinguishing between innovation and R&D; innovation and creativity.
  • Be able to analyse the shift from technological trajectories to market adjacencies. 
  • Obtain the analytical competences to assess the main organizational antecedents of innovation and innovation level criteria. 
  • Be able to evaluate and employ the main innovation sources and conduct the research establishing innovation level of a company.
  • Develop independent learning skills necessary to continue studies on a higher level.
  • Communicate and to work effectively in an intercultural and interdisciplinary group.