B2B Marketing (MNG228)

Course description

This course provides insights into unique aspects of industrial (business to business) marketing. The course is designed to provide an understanding of key ideas and concepts pertaining to B2B marketing.

At the same time during this course, key concepts will be applied in a realistic setting of business cases.  This is case-based course, which means that participants will analyze and decide marketing actions within real business cases from the perspective of business decision makers.

The course seeks to develop critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills in the context of business to business marketing.  The pedagogical approach includes lectures, case study, and discussions , group and individual work by students.

Course aims

To provide students the fundamental knowledge of B2B concepts and techniques; to enable students to identify key problems in a complex, competitive situation. The major responsibility of students in this course to make rational marketing decisions and present well supported recommendations for future action while justifying them through oral and written communication.

Learning outcomes

  • To develop an understanding of the elements of the B2B marketing concepts, process, and theories.
  • To be able to analyse micro and macro environments; implement an industry analysis and be able to apply evaluation tools to understand how a business is operating.
  • To be able to describe and to analyse the impact of economic, social, political, and cultural variables which affect a marketing operations.
  • To learn how to apply the B2B concepts to real life business cases and develop recommendations to help solve marketing issues.
  • To be able to summarize the options available for the company, to defend the recommendations. Evaluate the rationale for each alternative and the risks of an organization.
  • To be able to work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to be able to argue decisions To be able to work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to be able to argue decisions.