International Consumer Behaviour (GRAV010)

Course Description and Aim

The purpose of this course is to develop an enlightened perspective on the phenomenon of consumer behavior, in the international/intercultural context, through the integration of theory and analysis.  The course emphasizes critical reflection and creative thinking, as reflected in the extensive use of experiential activities and a comprehensive, integrative research project in which you apply a full range of consumer behavior theories and concepts.  This course addresses consumer behavior as part of a marketing/business process and as a socio-cultural phenomenon.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of basic theoretical foundations (paradigms, theories, models, concepts) of consumer behavior.
  • Knowledge of cultural theories and models based on  interdisciplinary methodologies and research.
  • Competences for systematic and creative application of theoretical and empirical knowledge of consumer behavior to marketing relationships and social problems.
  • Social competence (teamwork, presentation skills) and multi-media communication competences.