Marketing Research (GRAV029)

Course aim

Companies and their decision makers rely heavily on functions such as marketing research, analytics, and competitive intelligence to help them make better decisions. Informational overload and ever-increasing need for fast and actionable insight forces contemporary companies to re-evaluate the way they approach knowledge management. Aim of the course among other objectives is to:

  • Give students foundational knowledge on what is actionable insight and how it drives decision-making that enables business growth and competitive advantage.
  • Introduce range of tools and action frameworks that facilitate generation of actionable business insights – standard marketing research, advanced analytics and simulation methods.
  • Demonstrate how managers can organize, evaluate and manage insights in a systematic way; make them easy to find, understand and accepted within the company.
  • Develop system thinking skills that allow for business problem deconstruction, boundary definition and formulation of insight search goals.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what is insight and role it plays in contemporary business decision-making.
  • Have knowledge of insight management strategies, critical awareness of insight credibility issues.
  • Develop skills to identify, map, challenge and influence mental models prevailing in marketing and other business areas.
  • Develop skills to identify and understand marketing research methods that are potentially valuable for given insight need.
  • Analyse, within business, insight delivery process capabilities and plan changes to facilitate wider insight adoption.
  • Use system thinking tools to help analyse business issues and structure decision influence frame.
  • Learn various types of insight generation tools and their relevance to marketing.
  • Demonstrate a set of analytical skills and presentation skills for debating central insight problems.