Advertising and Promotion (MNG114)

Course description

Currently new media and communication platforms keep emerging in an astonishing pace. Smart phones, smart watches and other portable devices go along with the incredible growth of social networks. The relevant media is today far beyond TV and this completely changes advertising and promotion. Simultaneously more and more new brands and products appear and they need to find alternative ways to be “listen” by the market.

While advertising is an integral part of our modern, media-dominated society, it is also is reinventing itself. The purpose of this course is to lead students in an exploration of fundamental advertising principles and the role advertising plays in the promotional mix.

The course provides an overview of contemporary principles and tools of marketing communications, and considers how managers develop sound communications strategies to achieve marketing objectives.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • identify different forms of advertising messages that businesses use to reach their target markets;
  • describe a variety of execution frameworks available to advertisers;
  • create an advertising strategy that employs an appropriate mix of message objectives and methods;
  • understand the use of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in advertising;
  • create an IMC promotional plan using various elements of the promotional mix;
  • apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in a changing environment;
  • evaluate alternative methods for measuring promotional program effectiveness.