Vilma Kondratienė
Company :
Travel agency “Glotera”
Duty :

The Executive Master of Management programme at ISM is a big discovery for me.

I have been a company CEO for 15 years. I always thought that as a CEO I had sufficient theoretical knowledge and management skills. All the problems that we encountered during these years have been solved successfully. However, there were always some doubts in my head: could the problems have been avoided? What could have I done differently? Have I made the best decision? Was there a better alternative? The search for answers to these questions brought me to ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme.

I met many like-minded people here, managers who are looking for answers to the same questions and who are trying to be better not only in their personal tasks, but also in their organisations. I came to understand that everything I have done so far was based on my intuition, and, honestly, I do not know enough about areas that are vital for a good manager, which open doors to successful management and which prevent problems.

Communication with fellow students – managers of other companies and business representatives – during my studies broadened my horizons and I learned a lot of useful things. I especially value insights which are not in the textbooks – the priceless experience of fellow students, who share it willingly. This is the greatest added value of these studies.

I returned to my company not only with new knowledge and experience, but also full of energy and unique ideas. I believe, it will have a positive influence on the further activities of the company. 

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