Management and Business Functions

This module approaches management and business functions from a practical and an integrated point of view, which sees business functions as collective tools, methods and insights for decision-making processes and for functional decisions from a bigger picture. Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Processes, Human Resource Management are treated not as isolated domains but rather as a complex web of aligned relationships.

Participants are introduced to complicated interdisciplinary issues and the problems of companies by using business simulations and case studies and are introduced to the main theories, models and tools of management and business functions as well as models regarding the bigger corporate picture. The module has an outside-in approach, which means that the external factors, logics and development are always the starting point for analysing and solving problems and policy making. Although most attention will be paid to a general approach of companies, the participants also bring their own cases from various  companies.

Aim of the Module

The primary goal of the module is to expose students to a variety of perspectives on management and business functions, to develop the ability to identify, analyse, research and propose a solution to a real problem of significance in business or management.


Bodo S. Schlegelmilch, professor of WU University of Vienna, lecturer of the Executive MBA programme shares his insights on marketing tendencies and the digital revolution.


 ISM Executive MBA programme lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Moran, twice awarded as the best teacher at London Business School, shares his insights on strategy and it‘s value creation for the company.