Raminta Stanaitytė
Company :
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
Duty :
Writer, independent PR and Communications Consultant

I was attracted to the Executive Master of Management programme because of the its Organisational Consulting module. I was working as a consultant, and my projects covered strategic communication and image development issues. I believed that my bachelor and master degrees were sufficient, and that I knew enough about communication and public relations. I also constantly updated my knowledge. Nevertheless, the consulting itself, its meaning and purpose are developing very rapidly as are the organisations and environment around them. The programme of the Organisational Consulting module made me think that this would be a good opportunity to test my knowledge and explore possibilities for new positive change. Initially, I was expecting to propose something new to my clients after this programme, but it ended in my personal transformation. The powerful mix which inspired me to change was the dynamic nature of the programme, experienced fellow students from various backgrounds who were very open in sharing their insights, and the outstanding head of the programme – Lineta Ramonienė. Now I know that it is the purpose of the module and was my goal as well.

My schedule is very busy, so it was very important to me that the study material be very focused and put across in an attractive and convenient manner. I value the latest knowledge, research, relevant international and Lithuanian business practice, and in general – testing knowledge through its application and projects. I am glad I experienced all this at the ISM Executive Master of Management programme. Meanwhile, the inspiration to act and implement what we learned was a group effort – dynamic environment, my wonderful fellow students, the head of the module and I.

Will I choose other modules? I like some of them, but the current change was so fast that I did not have time to make up my mind on time. On the other hand, I know that I have the time and possibility to plan my study modules flexibly. It’s possible to take breaks from the ISM Executive Master of Management programme, and that it is another great advantage of this programme. 

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