Research seminar Which emotions make us creative?

ISM kindly invites to participate in Research Seminar "Which emotions make us creative? Studies on the effects of conscious emotions on innovative behavior in organizations" by Fabian Bernhard, Associate Professor of Family Business (EDHEC Business School, Family Business Center, France).
Seminar will take place on the 8th of September, 11:00, room 412.
Research has pointed out that positive emotions can stimulate individuals’ creativity and innovative behavior. Analogously, most research suggests negative affectivity being related to negative organizational behaviors such as less innovativeness. The present research challenges this view. Based on theories of moral and cognitive emotions it is hypothesized that guilt-proneness, i.e. a general tendency to feel guilty and a disposition to negative affectivity, can nurture innovative behavior while shame-proneness, i.e. the tendency to feel ashamed, prevents it. In four studies I examine proneness to guilt and shame and their effects on individual’s innovativeness. Mediating effects of problem orientation and the relationship with general creativity are explored. The findings may add to current knowledge on antecedents to innovative behavior and the influence of moral emotions in organizations.
Speaker bio:
Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard is an Associate Professor of Management and a member of the Family Business Center at EDHEC Business School in France. He is also a research fellow at the University of Mannheim in Germany, where he also had studied business administration. A subsequent scholarship led him to the University of Oregon from where he graduated with an MBA. After working several years at a large, international consulting company in New York, he returned to academia in 2007. During the following years as a PhD student at the European Business School (EBS) and the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany, he developed the ideas of his book on “Psychological Ownership in Family Businesses”. After having completed his doctoral degree in 2011, he was a research professor at INSEEC Business School in Paris and an adjunct professor at the Family Enterprise Center (FEC) at Stetson University of Florida in the US. 
Fabian Bernhard’s current topics of interest revolve around the intersection of organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and family business research. In particular, Fabian is interested in the emotional dynamics in family businesses, moral emotions (such as shame and guilt), the education and preparation of next generational family business leaders, as well as all kinds of attachment to the family business, such as psychological ownership, commitment, social identity, and their influence on the decision-making process in family businesses.
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