Library rules

To ensure a smooth ISM library operation, we invite you to familiarize with the basic rules that every library reader must be aware of.

All ISM Library rules of procedure can be found here​

Tablet use regulations can be found here

Book issue

  • Books for students, staff and visitors are issued with a valid student card or other personal identification document.
  • Books are issued for semester, two weeks, three days or one day, the lending period can be prolonged via the Internet (at

Delay fee

In order to ensure that books are returned on time and they can read by more readers, delays are taxed:​

  • ​Fail to return publications on time, generates 0,15 € fee for a single publication, for each day of delay.
  • A fee accumulates and is summed for each day of overdue, until a publication is returned, or prolonged according to the rules.
  • In case an amount of sum reaches 3 €, the issue of publications is terminated. Publications are issued only on payment of the accumulated sum.
  • A fee can be paid by reader in cash at the library, Mobile pocket, payment card.
  • Graduates of the university or students who terminated their studies, will receive a signed settlement form only if there are no unpaid fees or unreturned publications left.
Library subscription
Complete information about the library subscription you will find here (at the moment only in Lithuanian, please contact librarian for more details).
Library opening hours​
Information about the standard library opening times is located here