Research seminar Exploring the contingencies of expatriate acculturation process


ISM kindly invites to participate in Research Seminar Exploring the contingencies of expatriate acculturation process by Dario Miocevic, Associate Professor in the field of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics, University of Split (Republic of Croatia).


Seminar will take place on the 28th of September, 10:00, room 412



Globalization has contributed to increased movement of people for leisure, work, or to seek a more suitable permanent living conditions. As such, international  marketers have been investigating antecedents and outcomes of consumer behavior in international settings. When it comes to investigating consumer behavior of individuals crossing national borders, the large body of literature has been  focused on the acculturation traits of migrant consumers from underdeveloped countries and less on globally mobile professionals. Hence, in this paper we explore insufficiently addressed  consumer behavior trends from the perspective of expatriates. Based on the consumer acculturation literature and contingency approach, we build our conceptual inquiry in which we explore when acculturation traits (social interaction with locals and language abilities) influence the expatriate consumer’s tendency to buy local brands. In order to test our model a survey was conducted among 255 expatriates from developed economies living in the countries of Greater Middle East. The results indicate that higher expatriate consumer acculturation leads to increased tendency  to buy local food product brands. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, we find empirical evidence that retail system congruence and local brand value signals positively moderate relationship between acculturation and choosing local brands.

Speaker bio:

Dario Miocevic is an associate professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics, University of Split. His most recent research focuses on the interaction between firm’s export marketing strategy and business environment (institutions, politics and culture). He is particularly interested in how small firms develop and manage internal assets and external relationships in sustaining competitive advantage in the international marketplace. His most recent study in this field investigates how small firms use their operational capabilities for triggering the entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and exploitation. Another stream of Dr. Miocevic’s research deals with the influence of country origin, ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism traits on the consumer behavior in the international setting. More recently he has investigated the consequences of expatriate consumer’s acculturation on buying behavior under different environmental contingencies. His research has been published in peer-reviewed international outlets such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Small Business Management, International Marketing Review, Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, Journal of Macromarketing among others. He is actively engaged as a consultant to various corporate and public sector organizations in Croatia.

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