Financial Strategy and Management

Module contents

  • Business finance management decisions.
  • Investment solutions.
  • Decisions of choosing long-term sources of financing.
  • Risk analysis and assessment.
  • Value distribution decisions: dividend policy, stock redemptions.
  • International business finance management: exchange rates, interest rates and their risk management.


Module idea

A manager who is able to analyse and assess the financial position of the business and make the right decisions increases the business value.
This idea forms the basis of the entire financial management module, designed for business owners and managers – people making managerial decisions. They choose businesses for investment, sources for “buying” money in order to achieve the most important financial goal – increasing the company’s value.
These key questions are answered in the financial management module by examining the three typical financial decision groups: investment, financing and distribution of value.
Learning is conducted by solving specific problems, analysing real business situations and adapting the theoretical and methodological knowledge. When writing a group research work, the study participants will have an opportunity to solve a practical enterprise’s or individual investor’s problem, such as the comparison of several investment alternatives, identifying the value of a business or individual shares.

Why these studies?

  • Although not being a financial expert in the field, you will gain sufficient knowledge to make financial right management decisions and evaluate them.
  • You will learn how to plan cash flows and choose investment projects the most profitable in financial terms.
  • You will gain practice in assessing the value of the business or shares being purchased or sold.
  • You will learn to evaluate business risks and determine how much risk the company can assume and choose certain long-term funding sources.
  • You will learn buying strategies and when business owners should choose to pay dividends, reinvest profits or issue equity.
Module Manager
Dr. Tamara Maurice