Research seminar Does Curiosity Matter?: Uncovering Antecedents of Innovation


ISM kindly invites to participate in Research Seminar "Does Curiosity Matter?: Uncovering Antecedents of Innovation" by Charles H. Matthews, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati.

Co-author: Yuzhen Zhou
Seminar will take place on the 19th of April, 14:00, room 501.

Innovation plays a critical role in economic development locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Given its important role, there is an ongoing need for investigation of what prompts innovation, especially within the entrepreneurship domain. In this research, an antecedental model of innovation is developed and tested. In general, we posit a positive relationship between curiosity and innovation.  Expanding the bivariate model, we examine curiosity and firm growth aspiration, two key individual level variables, with market orientation and absorptive capacity, two organizational level variables as antecedents of innovation. Results reveal a positive connection between curiosity and innovation and curiosity and absorptive capacity and market orientation; as well as growth aspiration and absorptive capacity. Moreover, a positive relationship between market orientation and continuous innovation is suggested among the startup firms studied.  These findings provide a foundation for further investigation which is needed to more fully inform the function of curiosity, entrepreneur growth aspiration, and market orientation in the antecedental theoretical framework and practice of innovation.
Short bio:
Charles H. Matthews, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Fellow of the Graduate School; J. William Fulbright Fellow (2018); Founder Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research (Executive Director 1997-2013; Director; Small Business Institute® 1982-2013), Lindner College of Business, U. of Cincinnati.
Dr. Matthews is an internationally recognized scholar and innovative teacher in the field of entrepreneurship. His teaching and research interests include: strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, startup financing, leadership and decision making.  He is published in Small Business Economics, the Journal of Small Business Management; the Journal of Small Business Strategy; Entrepreneurship & Regional Development; Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research; Family Business Review; The International Journal of Operations & Production Management; The Center for the Quality of Management Journal; Quality Management Journal; Industry & Higher Education; and New England Journal of Entrepreneurship. He has been quoted in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, Forbes, Business Week, and Inc. He is a former columnist on entrepreneurship for The Cincinnati Post (1998-2001) and The Cincinnati Enquirer (2011-15). He is the co-author of Innovation & Entrepreneurship: A Competency Framework, with Ralph Brueggemann (Routledge, 2015).
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