7 reasons why PhD studies at ISM should be your choice

ISM University's Marketing and Sales director Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė successfully defended her PhD dissertation. A number of people wonder if all the sacrifices a PhD candidate has to make to get a PhD degree are worth it. Therefore, Dominyka decided to outline the key reasons why you should consider getting a PhD. The contribution to the existing body of knowledge is an obvious one, but here are 7 more reasons to embark on a PhD journey.


1.     Learning to work on a long-term project.

PhD journey was not an easy one, it had its ups and downs, but I was never going to quit. Working on this longest (so far) project in my life made me understand that I have the power and persistence to finish what I started. Believe me, the feeling is amazing. Having learned to work on a long-term project I am ready for new challenges.

2.     Boosting your self-confidence.

It may sound pretentious, but having “PhD Candidate” title on your business card feels good. It impresses others and it will impress your potential employers if you are looking for a job (and it does not have to be academia- related position). Seeing others impressed makes your self-confidence go up. Simple as that.

3.     Becoming wiser.

Working on your PhD is equal to discovering new stuff about your topic (and not only) all the time. Even if it may not be that obvious, you become wiser every single day.

4.     Travelling.

Being a PhD student you are exposed to a number of opportunities to visit new places. You are even forced to present the findings of your research at international conferences. You can go on a study course abroad or go on an exchange programme. This definitely broadens your horizons and contributes to your growth not only as a researcher, but as a person, too.

5.     Meeting awesome people.

You will find most of the people in academia very interesting, sometimes – even a little crazy smart. Academicians are definitely one of the most interesting segment of people (at least for me). And if you are considering embarking on a PhD journey, you probably already belong to that group of crazy awesome people, too.

6.     Preparing for teaching.

Showing others how to do one or another thing makes you feel good? Then you most probably have a hidden passion for teaching. If you want to teach on a university level, in most of the universities PhD will be crucial. So don’t wait and get one a.s.a.p.

7.     Becoming an expert.

Whatever you decide to do after, getting your PhD will make you an expert in the area your dissertation will be on. Even if you do not feel like you are going to work in academia after your studies, getting a PhD is still worth it.


The admission to ISM PhD studies ends on the 17th of September. Find more information about studies and admission here.