Meet ISM University at the Career Festival “Studfestas“

On the the 25th of October, ISM University of Management and Economics will be waiting those who are interested in studies at ISM at the annual career festival “Studfestas“. 

During the event high school students, teachers and education enthusiasts will have an opportunity to learn more about bachelor's, master's studies programmes at ISM University, internatinal exchange and future career possibilities. In adidition, participants will be invited to join the lecture of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aras Zirgulis, who will reveal how the choice of university affects the future career. The topic of his talk – “Is Going To An Elite University Worth It?". 

Since there are only two weeks left unitl the event, ISM reminds that the contest of “Best Class“ of the festival came to an end and congratulates the winners from Lazdijų Motiejaus Gustaičio gymnasium! We are looking forward to meeting them and rewarding during the career festival on the 25th of October. 


More information about the event