Consumer Behavior (MNG106, TVK)

Course description

The course will provide managerial understanding about internal and external consumer behavior factors that affect consumer decisions from problem arousal to product usage and assessment. Knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of unsophisticated consumer behavior research will be provided. Holistic understanding of consumer behavior, translated into meaningful instruments for managerial solutions is expected after the course.

Course aim

The aim of this course is to introduce students with the major consumer behavior theories and importance of their application in marketing practice, as well as to train how to implement unsophisticated consumer behavior research following scholarly methodologies.

Learning outcomes

  • Will be able to explain major theories, models, concepts, classifications, etc. of consumer behavior.
  • Will be able to find and select relevant consumer behavior articles and other sources; will be able to derive meaningful insights and reflect personal observations regarding self and others’ consumer behavior on the basis of literature.
  • Will be able to perform consumer behavior research by applying relevant scholarly measures; will be able to analyze the results interrelating several variables.
  • Will be able to draw meaningful managerial insights from research results, to apply proper managerial tools for researching and directing consumer behavior towards desired state.
  • Will be able produce meaningful written analysis of the research, to present and discuss research results for the specialists’ and non-specialists’ audiences.