TOC Operations and Production

Although one fifth of Lithuanian GDP is created by industrial companies, their productivity and added value indicators are lagging behind the EU average. TOC Operations and Production Module offers systematic approach for industrial companies managers how to find and exploit their companies‘ potential, and increase added value more rapidly than costs.

Fully acknowledging complexity and uncertainty of business environment, module covers major analysis and decision making tools that will help managers finding sustainable competitive advantage, reducing fires in production, aligning manufacturing principles to the particular industry type or manufacturing flow. Typical industrial management topics such as distribution management, marketing decisions, operations management are addressed through the principles of Theory of Constraints, supported with practical examples of its application in Lithuanian companies.


Graduates of the module will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Structured knowledge on the flaws of common business practices, including those acquired on the ground of their own professional managerial experience;
  • How to deal with the inherent complexity of the manufacturing organization, especially when deciding where to focus improvement efforts and scarce resources or when trying to predict the impact of changes on the organization as a whole.
  • How to deal with strategic and day-to-day policy or resource allocation conflicts within the plant between stakeholders from the same or different parts of the system, especially in environments where there is significant distrust;
  • How to deal with invalid behavior of people that has resulted or could result in significant undesirable effects for the organization;
  • To use of acquired knowledge and creative thinking to develop effective strategies and tactics to exponentially grow business by finding the leverage points and focus all efforts on capitalizing on these.