Applicability of knowledge and graduates’ success in professional life is one of the most important objectives of ISM revealed by the motto of the university as well: “Knowledge creates success.” One of the ways to assess the quality of studies is to see the way the career of the graduates of the university is developing. The research performed by the Public Policy and Management Institute in 2010 demonstrated that the graduates of ISM are the most successful in finding employment according to their profession compared to the graduates of respective programmes of other Lithuanian universities. The Career Centre of ISM also observes the graduates’ career and performs research every year.

According to the data of the research of the graduates of Bachelor’s studies of ISM of 2013, 24% of those who have completed Bachelor’s studies run their own business, 2% are employed as top-level managers, 14% – as middle-level managers, 51% are employed as managers, project managers and specialists, and 4% continue their studies. A survey of the graduates of Bachelor’s studies of ISM shows that the salary of 24% of the graduates is higher than EUR 870 after taxes.

27% of MSc graduates (85) provided their data for career monitoring in 2013. 24% of MSc graduates indicated they are self-employed which is 5% more than in 2012. The number of graduates who hold TOP and Middle management positions has decreased by several percentage points comparing with 2012. The number of unemployed graduates has increased by 1% (from 2 to 3%).