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Project Joberfy is aimed at young professionals currently studying or completing their studies and starting their own career path. Employers tend to "hunt" for the best talents, but without any or minimum work experience on your CV, it is difficult to prove that you are the best. Joberfy platform aims, by promoting student’s academic results and general knowledge test verification, to prove employers about your genuine performance and desired potential.

How does it work?

In addition to your Resume (CV), Joberfy platform also:

  • Distributes candidates by academic results, showing where the candidate ranks in comparison with your study program‘s overall average;
  • Distributes candidates by general knowledge test score, showing where the candidate ranks in comparison with all people who took the test;
  • Provides a "Fit-in" assessment, showing how candidate‘s personal preferences match the desirable personal characteristics for each particular job position.

Candidates can apply to open positions or submit their applications to companies to be considered for upcoming open positions. Or, with consent of the candidate, be accessible to the employers in Joberfy candidates’ database.

It does not matter if you are still seeking or have a job already. Make your academic achievements work for you and receive the best job offer possible. Prove your capability and let employers know about your real potential. Let you choose which job proposal to accept!


What‘s next?

  1. Register at
  2. Upload your most recent transcript of records (ask for the records in your university’s student office)
  3. Submit your CV and personal preferences information
  4. Apply yourself or be discovered in the Joberfy database
  5. Register and take the general knowledge test at ISM university (test duration 1 hour)

Choose suitable time for you to take the test and register through joberfy platform :

16 October  14:10-16:00 room 309

6 November 16:00-17:30 room 309

25 November 14:00-15:30 room 310


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