RCL: Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainable Long‐term Care of Elder Persons



The aim of this research project is to conduct a systematic analysis of stakeholder engagement in the organizing and delivery of sustainable LTC and propose a model of their closer cooperation and engagement. To attain the above aim this research will encompass the analysis and synthesis of secondary and primary (online survey and focus group discussions with stakeholder representatives) data.

This research project is relevant and novel not only in its thematic but also interdisciplinary theoretical approach. To propose a model of stakeholder engagement and their closer cooperation in the organizing and delivery of sustainable long-term care of elder persons and provide recommendations to policymakers on securing effective functioning of sustainable LTC of elder persons, the theoretical framing of this research will be developed on the premises of different theories in the fields of management, economics, public and social policy, and sociology.


Project duration: 10 2017 – 11 2019

Budget: 99,991 EUR

Project leader: Prof. dr. Ruta Kazlauskaite

Project research team: Virginija Poskute, Irmina Matonyte, Lineta Ramoniene

Funding : Lithuanian Research Council programme "Researcher teams’ projects"