Finance and Corporate Governance

Research of the group is within the broad area of Financial Economics, including asset pricing, behavioral finance, firm governance and performance. Specific research themes include research on active investment portfolio management strategies, employing dynamic regime-switching asset pricing models (Maheu and McCurdy, 2000; Chesnay and Jondeau, 2001; Hauptmann et al., 2012), under different financial market regimes and instruments employed consistent with adaptive market hypothesis (Lo, 2017). Another   group focuses on research on the differentiation of savings and investments behavior, planning and budgeting habits over the life-cycle, when level of fragility is dependent on income and wealth, assessing the role of financial education and attitudes (Klapper et al. 2012; Lusardi et al. 2016). The focus of the third thematic area is a firm’s governance and performance in the context of glocalization, exploring factors of behavior on a company level, based on assessing ownership structures, board composition and other corporate governance determinants.