Internationalization, Innovations and Economics

The research group is engaged in investigating internationalization processes in firms in different industries, and their effects on a firm level outcomes, innovative capacities of entrepreneurial firms and their responses to changing institutional setting (Šarapovas, Huettinger, Ričkus, 2016; Kazlauskaitė, Autio et al., 2015; Huettinger, 2014). The research topics address corporate taxation, tax competition (Zirgulis, Šarapovas, 2017; Zirgulis, 2014; Zirgulis, Huettinger, 2014), crisis diagnosis and crisis management within a firm (Kurschus, Šarapovas, Cvilikas, 2015; Kurschus, Šarapovas, Pilinkienė, 2017), economic and political effects of demographics (Poškutė, Greve, 2017), and real estate economics. Research topics in economics are divided into three major areas: microeconomics, macroeconomics and financial markets. These areas also relate to the areas suggested for research in undergraduate and graduate final research projects (Mauricas, Darškuvienė, Mariničevaitė, 2017; Mariničevaitė, Mauricas, 2017; Zirgulis, Petručionis, Huettinger, 2016; Zirgulis, Eitutis, 2016; Mariničevaitė, Ražauskaitė, 2015; Levišauskaitė, Varanauskienė, 2013; Huettinger, Zirgulis, 2013; Grigaliūnienė, 2013).