As a university, our students, teachers and researchers are expected to observe a special set of ethical values, which are generally called "academic ethics" or "academic integrity".

These values broadly require each member of our community to avoid cheating and plagiarism, to be fair and equitable in our teaching, learning and professional relationships, to be honest and rigorous in our research activities, and to support academic freedom.

These values are universal, strictly adhered to by universities across the world. And ISM belongs to this international academic community. As an institution and/or as individuals, we are a member of international accreditation associations; we study and teach abroad; we welcome foreign students and faculty; our conferred degrees are accepted by global firms and foreign universities; our research activities are often funded by supranational and transnational institutions; we are members of international professional associations; we collaborate with foreign institutions and scholars, our research is peer-reviewed by foreign academics, and we publish our work with international publishers. In all such cases, we have been entrusted by them to conduct ourselves in accord with international norms of academic ethics and integrity.

Importantly, each member of our Community is individually responsible for conducting themselves accordingly; the reputation of the University depends upon it. It is for this reason that ISM’s Committee on Ethics was established in 2011. It is comprised of a group of six elected volunteers dedicated to educating our community about, and maintaining within our community, the highest standards of academic ethics and integrity.

Each member of our community can be proud that our university adheres so consistently to these values. Not only that, but our Community can be confident that the employers of our graduates, our local and international partners, and our academic colleagues around the world, will trust us for our constancy to these values.